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Lyd-filer: 28

Videoklip: 23

We´re Marching On Together

Melodi: -
Here we go with, with Brøndby IF
Were gonna give you boys a hand

Stand up and sing for Brøndby IF
'cause you are the greatest in the land

Every day were all gonna say: We love you
Brøndby, Brøndby, Brøndby

Were marching on together
We gonna see you win
We are so proud
We shout it all out:
Brøndby, Brøndby, Brøndby

We've been through it all together
And we had our ups and downs (ups and downs)
But we're gonna stay with you forever
At least until the world keeps turning round

Note: En af de gamle klassikere. I dag når den kun meget sjældent over middel på volumeskalaen.